Where My Money Goes

Ever made a loan application or done a tax return and looked at how much you earn each year? It’s pretty scary really. So….. I earned all that money – where did it go?

Now what we usually do is ponder that for about 4 seconds and then start thinking about something else – something a little less scary!

Sure we paid all the bills, and the kids got nice Christmas presents and we had a holiday – but where is the rest of it? Most people have trouble accounting for 70% of their after tax income – so what happened to the other 30%? Not sure?

Well let’s take that 30% and multiply it by your annual income, now that becomes money worth finding!

What if we could save that 30%?

Now that is a challenge.

Most Australians do try to “save” money. What we do is we get paid, then, we pay the bills, buy the groceries and any other odds and ends. Whatever is left we call “savings”. What happens if we just changed the order around? What if we saved first and then spent?


If dedicate money to savings every pay – you will start to figure out how I can still have some of it left at the end.