What’s A Really Good Investment

What is a Really Good Investment – ME?

If I told you that I knew a way that you could invest about $150,000 now and 5 years later that investment would start to pay you an income, and income of $150,000 in year one increasing to about $300,000 a year by year five and every year after that until you died.

What do you think – does it sound like a good investment? It sure does – GIMME SOME!!!!

Guess what the investment is – A Medical Degree.

Invest in yourself!! Get qualified, keep studying, add letters after your name, all of this makes you a more valuable commodity.

Look at your career – what skills could you add? What would you LOVE to do?

Here is a quick story about a friend of mine. When we left school all he wanted to do was fly aeroplanes. He applied for a cadetship (then with Ansett), and next with Qantas, but he was rejected both times. What did he do?

He got a job working in a bar, every night of the week he worked there and every time that he had enough money he headed out to Essendon Airport and paid for flying lessons. After a year he had enough hours for a pilot’s licence, after 3 years he had his commercial pilots licence, all paid for from his own hard work. And, guess what – Virgin got interested in a young pilot who went to all that trouble to be a commercial pilot – he is now a Captain on Boeing 777 Dreamliners.

Don’t forget to invest in yourself – it could be the most profitable investment you will ever make!