Savings Boost

Give Your Savings a BOOST

It’s pretty hard to save money today, interest rates are so low you are almost paying the bank to store your money, after a while it just gets frustrating and we kind of give up.

What if we could save money and grow wealth in a different way?

One option is Regular Gearing. We have all heard the expression “using someone else’s money to make money” well regular gearing lets you do exactly that. It works like this.

You choose an amount that you want to invest each month – in my example I am using $500 per month. That $500 goes into an investment account and when it arrives there a lender loans you another $500 to invest as well.

Now you have $1,000 to invest rather than the $500 you started with. Investing this $1,000 into growth assets lets you get to your savings goal faster.